Audio Visual Details


Venue A
LED Par 64s (Stage)
Par 20s (Stage & MainFloor)
2 Sound Intelligent MoonFlower Disco Lights
LED uplighting available upon request
Fog/Haze Machine available upon request

Venue B
4 Par 56s for Stage area
2 Sound Intelligent Lasers


Avoid the mishaps and lets us create your DVD Loops etc! Ask about our production services.

  • Creation of DVD Slideshow or Gobo Design (Available Upon Request)

  • Split Feeds - Our Venue has several Projectors and TVs that are all wired to show the same image/video feed, however they can be setup to show separate video source as well. (Available Upon Request) 

  • Video DJs - (Available Upon Request) 
  • All video feeds are standard HDMI (Venue A) or RCA (Venue B) connections

Venue A

  • All video inputs are HDMI
  • 2 Projectors on Main Floor
  • Seperate or combine video source for Projectors & TVs
  • 3 Flat Screens TVs in 2nd Flr VIP Areas
  • Combined video source for TVs

Venue B

  • All video inputs are RCA 
  • 2 Projectors on Main Floor

All Video loops or presentations should be a Standard Ready/Loop Video MOV file on DVD/CD (ie. needs to play in home DVD Players)  
You may also bring Laptops or other equipment to connect to house Audio/Video
(WE DO NOT provide cabling, adapters or connectors for devices)  
All DVDs/CDs should be tested 48hrs prior to event to guarantee no technical issues!!!


Ask about our Full Sound Package & National Acts Packages
(Includes Back-line & Full Mic package)

32 Track Behringer X32 Digital Mix Console (EQ, Effects, Dynamics etc)
8 JBL PRX 715 Tops (1500 watts each) 
18" Subs 3200W (6400W available upon request)

6 Stage Mixes
4 JBL PRX 612 Stage Wedges
4 JBL MRX 512 Stage Wedges
2 JBL PRX 715 Stage Wedges/Sidefills
2 Shure Wireless PG58s
4 Shure SM58s
Standard Drum Mic Kit
DI Box(s)
Mic Stands
Bose Speaker System wired throughout
Venue B
4 Yamaha 15" Tops
18" Subs 3200W
16ch Yamaha Mix Console (8 mic/line inputs, 4 returns)
QSC & Crown Amp Rack
DBX Driverack PA
2 Wireless Shure Mic


  • 12 ft x 24 ft (Venue A)
  • 8 ft x 16 ft (Venue B)

Stage can also be setup for Runway use w/ 48ft walk (max)
Pipe and drape available upon request
GOBO & Light (Available Upon Request)
Live Radio Broadcast Capable (all needed lines installed)